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Different Types of Slot Machines for Various Kinds of Players

So, you’ve finally found the online casino you want to play at and you’re greeted with all different types of slot machines. But what do they all mean? Don’t worry it can be mind boggling for the most advanced players so in today’s blog we’ll look at the types of slot machines available so you can go straight in, fully equipped with all the knowledge possible. All that’s left for you to win then is a little bit of luck on your side (don’t worry we’ll have a word with lady luck for you).

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Online slots can be confusing, especially if you’re just starting out. There’s so many different slot machines available now sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones are which. Ultimately the basics of any slot machine remains the same though. So regardless of the type of slots you’ve picked to play, the mechanics are the same.

You’ll need to match the same symbols to make a winning combination, usually formed on an active payline. Of course there’s always going to be an exception to the rules when there’s so many different slots but that’s what we’re about to cover today.

The mechanics of most types of slots remain the same which require matching symbols to make a winning combination.우리카지노

Playing different slot machines can kill any boredom and the more you play the more you’ll figure out which ones work best for you. Who wants to play the same 15-reeled slot machine every day? Lucky for you, there’s so much variety now that will never be an issue. So, if you're wondering which type of slot machines would best suit you, take a look at this list to help you decide.

Different Types of Slots - AskGamblers

Number of Reels

Every slot is different and one of the main things that differentiates them is their reels. Probably the most common type you’ll come across is a 5-reel slot machine much like NetEnt’s Starburst Slot. These were brought out after the popularity of course of the original classic slots. These are often known for just 3 reels. But with technology advancing you’ll also find colossal reel slots and cascading reels. You can read more about these in our blogs Exclusive Guide to Playing Colossal Reels Slot Machines and 5 Cascading Reel Slot Machines to Spice Up Your Gaming Adventure.

Number of Paylines

Single Line Slots or Multi Line Slots - This is another major thing which you’ll find different from game to game. But What’s the Difference Between Multi Line Slots and One Line Slots we hear you say. A single line slot machine is just that. It has one single payline which effectively reduces your chances of winning just like Microgaming’s Bar Bar Black Sheep Slot. However, when it comes to multi line slots, these types of slots have multiple paylines, effectively increasing your chances of hitting more wins on every single spin just like Quickspin’s Rapunzel’s Tower Slot.

Loose vs Tight Slot Machines

Now if you are new to this gambling lark, try not to let these terms bog you down too much because you should be playing the games you like regardless of whether they are loose or tight. But if you are wondering what they mean basically a loose slot machine is one which has an RTP (Return to Player) of 97% or more. A good example of this would be NetEnt’s Blood Suckers Slot. This is the percentage a slot will pay back over a long period of time. Tight slots are then ones that have an RTP lower than 94%. If you’re wondering How to Find Loose Slot Machines in Online Casinos be sure to read our blog using the link we provided.

Land-based Slots vs Online Slots vs Fruit Machines

If you’re already familiar with land based slots and fruit machines then online slots should be a walk in the popular. Online slots simply evolved from the old fashioned fruit machines. You’ll even find types of slots that still incorporate the old school symbols of fruits and 7’s like Play’n GO’s Bohemia Joker Slot. But much in the same way as we mentioned above, all three of these types boil down to one way to win; match up those symbols on the reels. If you need more help check out our blog How to Play Slot Machines: Complete Guide For Dummies.

Different Types of Slots - AskGamblers

Video Slots (Video Era)

Undoubtedly, the most popular type of slot machine around today are your Video Slots. These are usually classed as any game that has more than three paylines and provide more entertainment and chances to win than the classic slots we mentioned earlier. A video slot will usually come with bonus features or free spins as added entertainment and the graphics usually speak for themselves. An example of a video slot you may want to check out is NextGen Gaming’s Medusa Slot.

Flat Top vs Progressive Slots

Every type of slot machine has it’s very own winning potential. Most video slots and classic slots will have a maximum pay out from a single spin but then you’ve got Progressive Slots. These types of slots have made dreams come true and there is absolutely no maximum cap when it comes to how much the game can pay out. This is because the game will have a single jackpot or usually multiple jackpots that progress over time. The more bets that are made by players, the more the jackpot increases just like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah Slot. These kind of jackpots are usually randomly triggered or like NetEnt’s Mega Fortune Slot which can be won when you hit the bonus game.


These are very much like the games we’ve already described, especially video slots. Some online casinos, usually Australian casinos will refer to their games as Pokies.

3D Slots

When we think of a 3D Slot these are more commonly associated with the popular gaming providers Betsoft but of course most providers will have their own versions of 3D slots too. Betsoft have their own range of exclusive 3D Slots like their Reels of Wealth Slot where symbols and features can appear 3D as opposed to 2D. The graphics of their games are usually a step up from the rest but again they work very much in the same way as your average video slot. Make sure you check out our Top 10 3D Slots when you’ve finished reading this blog.

AWP or SWP Slots

You probably won’t come across these terms too often but we’ll cover them just in case you do. Slots you play online are commonly labelled online slots but if you play one in a public house or an arcade then it could be referred to as an AWP (Amusement with Prize) or SWP (Skill with Prize). They are usually regulated to have lower limits on how much can be won and generally are not designed like the modern video slot. Some may require a little bit of skill but ultimately, it falls down to luck just like in every other type of slot machines we’ve mentioned today. https://www.notojoa.com

Fully Equipped Now?

And that is pretty much every type of slot machine you are likely to come across. You may think that is a lot to remember but once you start playing you’ll find that almost every slot you play comes with the same concept and the terms themselves just fall into place. Find a type or types that you enjoy playing and stick to them.

Never feel like you have to play a game that you aren’t comfortable with. If you don’t like one just move onto the next one and remember to always play responsibly.

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