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Bruno Fernandes had Tottenham Transfer blocked by Sporting

bruno Fernandes has claimed he agreed a deal with Tottenham this summer – but a move was blocked by Sporting Lisbon. The Portuguese star has a career ambition of playing in England, after attracting attention from the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham. He expressed this desire to leave Sporting to the club and the media.

Tottenham opened talks with Sporting and the player towards the end of the transfer window, as he was considered as a potential alternative to Giovani Lo Celso who eventually signed on a season-long loan from Real Betis.메이저놀이터

Here's what the player himself said: "As you all know, Tottenham made a lot of proposals for me. Everything was right with me - or practically should be. I never made any big demands, my manager was always dealing with the financials. It was and is my goal to play in England, Sporting you know that, everyone knows that, and there were conditions for things to be done. However Sporting understood that the value was not enough and I have to respect the decision." the 24-year-old told GQ Portugal.

Sporting were understood to value Fernandes at around £60m after an amazing 18/19 campaign. Last season, Fernandes enjoyed the best campaign of his career so far, scoring 32 goals in 50 matches for Sporting. He was also part of the Portugal squad that won the inaugural UEFA Nations League earlier this summer, defeating Netherlands 1-0 in the final.메이저사이트

According to Portuguese football expert Felipe Dias, 'Fernandes would thrive in Premier League' and that 'he has all the attributes required to be a success in England.' The future looks bright for the young Portuguese international, as this attacking midfielder is getting worldwide recognition.

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